Vacuum Pump Oils

Vacuum Pumps offer many lubrication challenges as they often subject oil to high levels of contamination. They also require the use of highly stable base oils and additives. Next Lubricants VPO line of vacuum pump lubricants offer superior sealing properties, extended oil drain intervals and clean operations.

Product Name Series Number Ultimate Vacuum Pressure Intake with High Water Content High Vacuum Food Grade Vacuum Pumps with Carbon and Varnish and Sludge Issues Aggressive Chemicals and Acids Vacuum Pumps with Rush and Corrosion Issues Vacuum pumps with Long Shutdown Periods High Temperature Applications Low Temperature Applications
VPO 265 7,5x10-5-7,5x10-7
VPO-XL 276 7,5x10-7-7,5x10-9
VPO-FGXL 278 7,5x10-7-7,5x10-8
VPO-E 266 7,5x10-7-7,5x10-8
VPO-FG 269 7,5x10-6-7,5x10-9
VPO-LS 268 7,5x10-8-7,5x10-9
Number: Series 265
Vacuum Pump Oil
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Series VPO is a mineral oil vacuum pump oil that is ideal for use in a wide variety of applications. Series VPO oils are highly thermally stable with very low volatility, this helps ensure a strong vacuum and a long oil life.

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Number: Series 269
Food Grade Vacuum Pump Oil
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VPO-FG is a food grade vacuum pump oil that has been formulated for us in a wide range of food processing applications. This highly stable formulation is ideal for applications that are prone to water contamination and contamination from cleaning chemicals.

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Number: Serie 278
Extended Life Food Grade Vacuum Pump Oil
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VPO-FGXL is a food grade vacuum pump oil that will offer an extended oil life in a wide range of operating conditions. VPO-FGXL is also an extremely clean running formulation and is ideal for vacuum pumps that have issues with carbon and varnish buildup and/or systems with high operating temperatures.

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Number: Series 268
Liquid Seal Vacuum Pump Oil
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Series VPO-LS is a high performance vacuum pump oil that contains specialized additive package that forms a protective layer on critical components. This layer provides protection against rust and corrosion especially during shut down periods. VPO-LS also includes additives which help improve sealing, and improve vacuum formation and misting.

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Number: Series 276
Extended Life Vacuum Pump Oil
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An extended life vacuum pump lubricant, Series VPO-XL offers superior protection and performance even in applications with challenging operating conditions. Utilizing a combination of synthetic base oils and advanced additives this formulation will help lengthen oil change out intervals and will also improve system cleanliness.

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