Air Compressor Lubricants

Field experience and laboratory results prove that Next Lubricants AERO line of air compressor oils not only outlast most competitive oils but also ensure cleaner operations. This has been achieved by utilizing additives and base oils that offer proven performance in high temperature conditions.

Next Lubricants offers direct equivalents to most OEM, and aftermarket air compressor oils. Ensuring top-off compatibility when converting to an AERO Compressor Oil.

Product Name Series Number Rotary Screw Piston (Reciprocating) Rotary Vane Food Grade Applications Humid Environments Compressors Prone to Overheating Compressors Prone to Carbon and Varnish Buildup High Discharge Temperatures
Aero XL 394
Aero 8000 390
Aero DE 154
Aero ONE 152
Aero Gold 468
Aero MIN 191
Aero FG 125
Aero FGXL 254
Product Oil Life*
<90°C 90-100°C 100-110°C
Aero XL 16.000 14.000 12.000
Aero 8000 10.000 8.000 6.000
Aero DE 14.000 12.000 10.000
Aero ONE 14.000 12.000 10.000
Aero Gold 8.000 6.000 4.000-6.000
Aero Min 4.000 2.000 1.000-2.000
Aero FG 6.000 4.000 2.000-4.000
Aero FGXL 10.000 8.000 6.000-8.000

*Stated hour life’s are for rotary screw compressors. Improper oil changes and contamination can have a negative effect on oil life

Number: Series 390
Synthetic Hydrocarbon Air Compressor Oil
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Aero 8000 is a synthetic hydrocarbon lubricant that offers excellent resistance against oxidation and thermal degradation. Formulated for a wide range of applications and temperatures, this formulation is ideal for operations with typically high discharge temperatures and in humid environments.

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Number: Series 281
Centrifugal Lubricant and Coolant
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Aero Centcool Gold is a lubricant/coolant that has been specifically formulated for use in centrifugal compressor. This extremely long life formulation is completely compatible with other PAG/Ester compressor coolants requiring no flushing or extensive change out procedures. Aero Centcool Gold also offers better protection against water contamination.

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Number: Series 154
Diester Air Compressor Lubricant
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Aero DE is an advanced formulation that will provide superior protection against carbon and varnish deposits in piston, rotary screw, centrifugal and rotary vane compressors. Aero DE is ideal for use in compressors prone to carbon and varnish buildup. As this lubricant will not only provide clean varnish free service but it also has the capability of removing existing varnish deposits.

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Number: Series 125
Food Grade Air Compressor Lubricant
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Aero FG is a food grade air compressor lubricant that is intended for use in applications where incidental food contact is possible. When compared to most competitive food grade lubricants Aero FG compressor oils will provide a longer operating life.

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Number: Series 254
Extended Life Air Compressor Lubricant
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Aero FGXL is ideal for compressors that require a food grade lubricant but have historically had issues with carbon and varnish buildup and short oil life. This advanced formulation combines the latest food grade base oils to ensure optimal performance even in harsh operating conditions.

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Number: Series 468
Synthetic Blend Ester Lubricant
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Aero Gold offers synthetic level performance at price of a mineral oil. Through a combination of ester and mineral base oil this lubricant offers a long oil even in high temperature applications as well as reduced carbon and varnish forming tendencies.

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Number: Series 191
Mineral Air Compressor Lubricant
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Aero MIN combines highly refined mineral base oils with advanced additives to provide excellent performance at a highly cost effective price. Compared to most mineral oil formulations, Aero MIN will provide a longer oil life, cleaner operating conditions as well as reduced downtime and maintenance costs.

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Number: Series 152
Universal Air Compressor Lubricant
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Aero ONE is an advanced lubricant that has been formulated to replace almost every OEM and aftermarket rotary screw compressor lubricant without the need for flushing. This capability can help users significantly reduce lubricant inventories and waste.

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Number: Series 399
Rotary Lobe Blower Lubricant
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Aero RBL oils are high viscosity lubricant that have been specifically designed for use in positive displacement blowers. Aero RBL offers excellent protection against friction and wear and has a long oil life.

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Number: Series 394
Extended Life Air Compressor Oil
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Aero XL is a rotary screw compressor oil that combines highly stable PAO and ester base oils to provide a near varnish free formulation and a very long oil life. Even in high temperature applications Aero XL will resist oxidation, and thermal degradation allowing for extended drain intervals and a cleaner more efficient compressors.

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