Gear Oils

The Nextran product line specializes in the production of food grade gear lubricants. These lubricants utilize the latest in food grade additives, to provide superior protection and performance in high load applications.

Number: Series 226
Food Grade Gear Oil
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Nextran FG a high performance food grade additives. Nextran FG naturally high viscosity index ensures excellent operations in both high and low temperature applications.

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Number: Series 234
PAG Gear Oil
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Nextran PAG is a polyalkylene based gear oil that has been formulated to provide superior wear protection in high load applications. This is achieved without the use of harsh EP additives and is therefore ideal for applications with soft metal components.

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Number: Series 248
Synthetic Food Grade Gear Oil
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Nextran Protec is an advanced extreme pressure gear oil. This food grade formulation contains a mixture of synthetic base oils and specialized additives that ensures a continuous lubricating layer. This ensures superior protection against wear during start up, as well protection of rust and corrosion during long term storage.

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